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Your Internal Calling Platform That Is Essential To The Healthcare Sector

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Robust phones that act as an extension of your Phone System

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, more commonly known as DECT phones. The Spectralink wireless DECT handsets are designed for long-term dependability and increased mobility in specialised working environments.

The functionalities of the robust and feature-rich handsets make them a valuable working tool for staff within industries such as healthcare.

Moreover, the flexible menu structure allows the handsets to be customized to specific vertical markets. With these handsets, employees can benefit from being able to move around the office facility freely, while constantly being accessible as they roam within the work campus, like a hospital.

For the employee on-the-move, battery life is of utmost importance and since these handsets use temperature compensated charging, this allows for quick recharging without damaging the batteries and enabling employees to remain productive while mobile.


  • Color display
  • Date and time in display
  • Auto key lock
  • 12 different ringtones and adjustable ring volume
  • Special ring tones for noisy environments
  • Auto login roaming between two different installations
  • Auto answer
  • Alarm key speed dial
  • Telephone book with 50 entries
  • Call list of incoming/missed/received calls
  • Text message
  • LED indication of incoming and unanswered calls
  • Full Slot DECT radio

Enables communication, documentation, notification, and information on the move!

This device is a perfect solution for voice-critical, zero downtime, rugged 24×7 environments that demand superior power and application functionality. These devices improve work efficiency for users. Designed with industry-optimised capabilities to provide mobile workers access to information in the palm of their hand, these devices empower employees to know more, do more, and accomplish more with a sleek, lightweight, and powerful tool.
Certified with leading application partners and designed with capabilities including built-in Push-to-Talk, Spectralink SAFE functionality, hot-swappable battery, and optional scanner. Ideal for the healthcare sector, hospitality and retail.
Speak to us today about your industry and allow us to guide you through our range of devices and their benefits to each unique workplace setting!
  • Compact, sleek form factor fits easily in one hand or your pocket
  • Rugged design to perform in harsh environments without damage from drops or cleaning solutions depending on your work environment
  • Clear, engineering optimized voice quality for communication in noisy work environments
  • 9553 & 9653 Versions have a built-in scanner for fast and accurate barcode scanning, even in low light

How we work with you

Our aim is to understand your needs in order to provide outstanding service and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s networking new office equipment or providing healthcare solutions at home, we’re here to help.

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