Business Phone Systems

As work environments become increasingly digitised, staying connected with customers is what builds great working relationships. We can provide businesses with cost effective and reliable VoIP plans.

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With NextPBX we can tailor a business voice and data solution that meets the needs of your workplace. NextPBX is a sophisticated, cloud-based phone-system. It is designed to be simple to deploy, highly secure and reliable. Completely managed by us so changes and updates can be applied remotely.

Complete phone systems

We offer business phone systems in one package, creating ease for your business, dealing with one provider and receiving all services in one monthly bill. Your fees include all telephone calls, hardware rental and support, at a fixed fee. NextPBX saves your business time by automating the introduction to a business call, for example press 1 for one department and press 2 for another department. If you need to work from home, it allows you to take that phone and plug it into your home office with full functionality retained. All local, national and mobile phone calls are included with multiple phones able to ring at once. This aims to provide stability and consistency to your business when you require flexible working.

Looking for potential savings on your current phone bill?

On a strictly confidential basis, provide us with a copy of your businesses’ current phone bill, and we will calculate and provide you with any potential savings based upon your current use.

How we work with you

Our aim is to understand your needs in order to provide outstanding service and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s networking new office equipment or providing healthcare solutions at home, we’re here to help.

We will work with you to review the effectiveness of your technology and keep you up to date.