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Collaboration is at the heart of any great business or school.

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Improve results

Whether it happens to be presenting to your team, clients or students, connecting remotely or having outside teachers or presenters, having the right tools in your boardroom or classroom can make a vast difference to the results.

Seamless Collaboration

If your team is still using whiteboard markers, taking photos of the board at the end of meetings or spending precious time waiting for projectors or connecting cords for your next boardroom meeting then you’re losing time and money. Next Tech Group has the ability to turn your boardroom into a plug-and-play conferencing hub.

Practical Solutions

The same practical solutions can be applied to the classroom. Children will stay engaged with interactive learning. The screen content can then be saved and continued on with in the following week. Teachers have found these simple functions make big differences like not having to re-write content in following classes or limited space on the board.

Collaborate Efficiently

Interactive touch screens can assist to collaborate and develop ideas with our range of HDi touch screens and whiteboard functions. This allows brainstorming sessions and classroom learning to be quickly saved to PDF, and either emailed to recipients the moment your meeting has finished or uploaded to student’s iPads for independent learning following class discussion.

Video Conference Hub

As a Video Conference hub, ensure your next team meeting will capture voice and picture quality of the highest order, and with outside or internal presenters being able to mirror your laptop or tablet at the push of the button comes with our in-built AirServer app with all IR touch screen solutions.

Make your next business meeting or student’s learning count.

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How we work with you

Our aim is to understand your needs in order to provide outstanding service and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s networking new office equipment or providing healthcare solutions at home, we’re here to help.

We will work with you to review the effectiveness of your technology and keep you up to date.