Visitor Management System

With so many people accessing the workplace daily, how do you keep track of everyone that comes and goes? Know who is on-site at anytime.

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How do you quickly access time and attendance insights for specific people or know when someone important shows up? These are just some of the questions that visitor management can answer.

Visitor management helps a workplace keep track of the people that visit. This includes both new visitors and regular visitors such as workers. This is done by having visitors check in on arrival and check out when leaving and involves technology to automate the process.

The data, which is stored in a database for easy referencing and reporting, can be used for tracking time and attendance, increasing security of a site, managing the number of people on site, and other workplace insights.

Why Visitor Management is Important?

An accurate understanding of who is accessing the workplace goes a long way to keeping the workplace safe and secure. From employees to visitors, cleaners, maintenance people, a typical workplace might have various people attend during any period.

With Visitor Management a Workplace Can:

  • Identify everyone that walks through the door
  • More accurately track the time and attendance of workers
  • Ensure new visitors meet certain requirements for entry
  • Record the body temperature of those entering the premises
  • Perform better contact tracing by identifying people that might have been in contact with an infected person
  • Set up alarms to be notified when a new visitor shows up
  • Reduce front office costs by automating the check-in process
  • See who is currently on-site
  • Better manage overcrowding
  • Verify attendance of external contractors such as cleaners
  • Make data-driven decisions based on the volume of visits and attendance

Digital check-in versus paper check-in

While some workplaces still rely on pen and paper to sign in visitors, the safer, faster and more accurate option is to provide a digital check-in process that leverages facial recognition.


Touch-free for a safer check-in
With a better awareness of how viruses spread following the pandemic, people are less likely to want to touch shared surfaces. This includes pen and paper but also touch-based screens. That’s why the best visitor management solutions are touchless.

Seamless entry
The best visitor management solutions make the check in process quick and seamless. Regular visitors such as workers shouldn’t have to scan anything or fill out any forms. This is the benefit of facial recognition.

Easy access to insights
Paper logs have a tendency to pile up or get lost altogether. It’s also difficult and time consuming to sift through all the information to find valuable insights.

With digital check ins, all information is stored securely online for easy access. With just a few clicks you can see a list of check ins, view monthly attendance for a specific individual, or see a breakdown of different groups of people.

The ability to apply labels to specific identities allows a workplace to easily identify who people are.

The ability to view check-in lists by day and time along with attendance insights.


Easy setup
Visitor management solutions should be simple to set up. For example, at Next Tech Group we allow you to turn any iPad into a touchless check in kiosk. You can provide your own hardware or ask us to arrange it for you.

Phone and web app
Apps allow a workplace to access insights remotely, receive alarm notifications and more.

Facial recognition
This allows seamless and accurate check in of frequent visitors such as staff but also easy on-boarding and verification of new visitors.

Dynamic QR codes
These are unique QR codes that change for every person. They can be displayed when someone is not recognised, allowing for easy on-boarding and check in of new visitors.

Temperature screening
This feature allows a workplace to capture baseline temperatures and be alerted for anomalies.

Alarms and notifications
Set up alerts for failed check-ins, for particular identities and labels.

How we work with you

Our aim is to understand your needs in order to provide outstanding service and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s networking new office equipment or providing healthcare solutions at home, we’re here to help.

We will work with you to review the effectiveness of your technology and keep you up to date.