Accounts Receivable

We offer a collaborative, cloud-based service that securely manages the delivery, storage and presentation of your financial documents.

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Accurate and Supported Invoice Workflow

Intelligent analytics give visibility into undelivered and un-actioned invoices that can negatively affect your cash flow; and provides insights, data and trends that can help drive real time decision making.

Key Benefits:

  • Check that every invoice, statement or credit note has been successfully delivered
  • Recognise incorrect email addresses
  • Identify high risk late payments well before a payment is overdue
  • Quickly and effectively resolve document delivery issues without requiring IT assistance
  • Follow up customers who have not actioned payment before the due date
  • Ability to have productive and informed conversations with customers by seeing their document status in the audit trail
  • Monitors buy behaviour to help identify trends and proactively follow-up customers

How we work with you

From connecting your business with internet and phones, advising on, and installing security or printing devices throughout your premises, or adding value by automating your accounts payable process, we can help

We will work with you to review the effectiveness of your technology and keep you up to date.